Wearable Video Systems

  • Dynacom AR05 Wearable Remote Video
  • Dynacom Wearable Video Systems brings a customizable application environment to use cases where workers use monocular display smartglasses. The constrained viewing field of a single-eye display is used to flash alerts from data sources on the shop floor and provide access to simplified controls, including virtual keypads and control elements displayed on the palm of a user’s hand and controllable with simple gestures. 


    Control Machines Remotely

    It provides simplified machine controls to perform important procedures remotely without physical access to machine’s control panel.


    Real-time Access to Critical Information

    Continuous view of critical parameters and alerts keeps workers informed and able to resolve problems fast.


    Instant Access Training

    Less experienced workers can use smartglasses to access experts, videos and guides for quick solutions to problematic situations.


    Optimized for Compact Smartglasses

    Monocular smartglasses are light-weight and comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. They don’t obstruct user’s field of view while working.